Transfers / Waivers


The MYAS has established new rules for player waivers, or transfers.

MYAS New Rules for Player Transfers

  • The MYAS is replacing the term “Waiver” with “Transfer” when referring to players who want to play with an association other than their Home Association.
  • No transfers accepted or approved AFTER October 15 of any given year.
  • Players may only transfer from one contiguous community to another. No jumping over one Association to get to another.
  • No player transfers will be approved for athletes who tried out and were offered a roster position on a travel team representing that athlete’s designated drawing area.
  • No player transfers will be approved for athletes who did NOT try out for their local Association.
  • Player transfers must be requested and approved on an annual basis. No “grandfathering” of athletes who transferred in prior years.
  • Player transfers are limited to one athlete per team.


At the Traveling Director’s meeting on August 8, 2018, the MYAS discussed these rules in great detail.  The rational is that they did not want players hopping over district and creating “super teams”.  The MYAS wants players to play in their home district i.e. their drawing area.  To make sure that athletes stayed in their drawing area, the MYAS came up with these rules, including the rule that a team may have only one transfer player on their team.

Consistent with the MYAS’ standards, regulations and rational, this organization will not grant transfers.