As we continue the 2017-2018 basketball season, we are looking to sponsors to play an important role in the growing success of our program. It is the objective to keep our player enrollment fees low in order to serve the broadest audience of players. Money is the number one deterrent in keeping East Bloomington kids from participating in team sports. We are on a mission to increase the participation of our diverse East Bloomington community while cultivating a program with high caliber coaches and exemplary facilities. Your donation will allow us to serve these young athletes by providing a positive playing experience that helps them develop into young men.

Sponsorship dollars will go toward helping cover the general operating expenses of KBTB such as gym rental, insurance, taxes and so on. We have had to increase our player fees over the past two seasons by $50 each year (a 40% increase) to keep pace with increasing expenses. Many of our families already struggle to pay these increasing fees and additional increases will lead to a decline in our participation.

We genuinely hope your business will assist us in providing the financial support needed to continue to provide a fun, educational and positive athletic program for our community.
To learn more about sponsorship opportunities click here or email us at info@kennedybasketball.org.

Thank you for your support!

KBTB Sponsorship

Thank you to our 2017-2018 sponsors:

Veil Orthodontics