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Kennedy Youth Boys Basketball Association

Coaching Application 2018-2019



Applicant Name:


Phone Number:

Grade Applying For:


Possible Assistant Coaches:  _______________________________________



  1. Will you have a son participating in the grade for which you have applied?


  1. Have you had a son previously participate in the traveling basketball program?


  1. What has been your own basketball background?


  1. What experience have you had in coaching basketball, and at what level? Any other relevant coaching experience?


  1. What is your philosophy regarding playing time for team members? As a coach, how would you balance “playing to win” versus “equitable participation”?


  1. What is your preferred style of conflict resolution relative to players and/or parents? How might you handle a difference in opinion of coaching philosophy or style with a parent?



  1. What other attributes or qualities do you possess that the selection committee should consider?


  1. REFERENCES: Please provide a few references (if possible) so that we may better understand your coaching abilities and style, from a third party perspective.  Please provide the person’s name that you would like to use as a reference, your relationship with this person (past coach, etc), some form of contact information (email or phone number), and maybe an additional way to contact this reference.


Reference Name Relationship Contact Info (email/phone) Alternate Info





Dear Applicant,


Thank you for your interest in Kennedy Youth Basketball. Your application will be reviewed by a selection committee and will be followed by an interview with the committee.  Whether or not you are selected as a coach for the coming season, we invite you to remain involved in the program through your encouragement and support of the youngsters who participate, and through the numerous volunteer opportunities that arise during the season for scoring, record keeping, informal assisting or supervising, transporting, cheering, etc.


This application will be kept on file with the program records and you will be informed of the committee decision, and any future opportunities.


Please turn in your application to a board member or submit application to:


Subject line: Coaching Application





Thank you for your interest!